'Where The Dead Birds Go' is an enticing musical journey that will work its way into your inner jukebox and flutter around in search of a way out. Boasting orchestral arrangements that inject a wider range of emotions into their music than most guitar-based bands, 'Where The Dead Birds Go' is cinematic in scope with richly textured arrangements. Seductively romantic but with a dark undertow, 'Where The Dead Birds Go' may be the perfect sonic companion for the strange days we find ourselves in.” - Clear Spot
A mixture of song-based progressive pop with well-structured music with a touch of cool jazz Working on album reviews can sometimes be a trite disappointing. Especially so when checking out a long-awaited project from a named band that has a solid reputation for excellence but which falls well below expectations. And so imagine the delight when coming across an album that is both interesting and unique, a rare find of diamond proportions from an unknown band that suddenly makes you sit up and take note. Such is the case with ‘Moth Man’ a British band with a markedly imaginative style of their own.” - Geoff Penn

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